Hello, my name is Maria Ritzel and welcome to my page. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a business owner, an educator, a dancer, a martial artist, and a lover of all things fitness. 

Little did I know after I attended my first group fitness class, that my part time interest would not only turn into a full time career but a lifetime of passion. My enthusiasm, attention to detail and determination has allowed me to become a leader in the fitness arena. I currently own an Aerobics Studio along with my mother and sister in Rochester NY called Bounce Aerobics and insrtuct a variety of fitness classes througout the week. Please visit our website www.bounceaerobics.com to see a full schedule of classes offered, rates, etc.

  I am a very energetic, well-rounded person who leads by example. Two cornerstones of my personality are my drive to succeed and dedication to helping others. Having lost over 75 pounds myself, I understand the frustration, time and commitment it takes in eating healthy and exercising consistently and I have made it my mission to play an active role in helping others achieve their own personal “healthy” goals as well.

My passion, belief and determination is to motivate, teach, educate and empower others to take a step outside their comfort zones and push them to reach the impossible for when you do the impossible, the difficult becomes easy! 

To become a Beachbody® Coach, go to my website www.teambeachbody.com/mariaritzel and click on "Be a Coach!"